Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

06 - 07 May, 2015

Berlin, Germany


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Rationalising and strategising contract manufacturing processes to achieve better ROI

With the rise of outsourcing pharmaceutical activity it is said that contract manufacturing accounts for 30% of a company’s total outsourcing activity and is currently worth $39bn a year. Although, the contract manufacturing market is growing, budgets are becoming tighter as we all race to achieve better ROI. For the past 8 years we have discussed how to effectively select your partners from 1000s of companies out there and how to build relationships. However, what’s in it for the business?

Now in its 9th year running the GPCM Summit 2015 will provide you with holistic answers to the main question that is shaping future trends: How can we optimise and rationalise the process of contract manufacturing to achieve better cost savings and ROI for the whole company? This year’s event is all about analyzing the bigger picture to solve challenges by using innovative solutions.

The top 5 reasons why this meeting will be beneficial for you and your organisation:

1. If you are eager to obtain primary information that you won’t be able to read about in any other online source, this is the place to do so. Moreover, GPCM will provide you with a current regulatory overview.

2. Are you working in Europe? Want to learn about what’s happening outside? Then meet our guest speakers from other parts of the world.

3. Innovative sessions – this is not your conventional set-up with plenaries. It’s all about talking to each other, taking part in constructive debates giving you that extra time to build relationships and identify partners. Moreover, hear real life case-studies from your colleagues in the industry and take the best lessons away.

4. More business focus orientated – panels on building multidisciplinary teams and cost saving will help you look at a bigger picture and this way plan the process more effectively.

5. Strong networking platform – we are moving to Berlin, which means you will have access to a completely new pool of contacts to network with during the event.  Three complete days out of the office dedicated to learning about new CMOs, their offerings and reasons to partner with them.

Don’t miss out on the brand new workshops built within the programme and dedicated to identifying high technology zones that could improve operational effectiveness and maximise your ROI. These two sessions are designed for you to look at the manufacturing process in more detail and examine areas that could improve the time to market and generate better revenue with reduced costs. Moreover, it will provide guidance for you to see whether there are opportunities to co-invest in more strategic partnerships and influence the infrastructure your partners have.

  • The State of Process Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry The State of Process Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Based on pharmaceutical and biotechnology data from PEX Network's biennial State of the Industry Survey. The following infographic created by Pharma IQ is a summary results that will enable you to get a better understanding emerging trends in process excellence in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Discover which process excellence methodologies are being employed by pharmaceutical companies, annual budgets for process excellence within the pharmaceutical industry, the number of full time resources devoted to process excellence and how success is measured.

  • The Modern Day Contract Manufacturing Organisation – Beyond CostThe Modern Day Contract Manufacturing Organisation – Beyond Cost
    With the rise of outsourcing pharmaceutical activity it is said that contract manufacturing accounts for 30% of a company’s total manufacturing activity and is currently worth $39bn a year. Although, demand for contract manufacturing is growing, budgets are becoming tighter as we all race to achieve better ROI and manage costs more efficiently. The modern day contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) is now a key strategic partner providing access to new markets, new products, greater capacity and innovative technologies for both small-scale and large scale primary and secondary manufacturing. Ahead of the Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Summit, Pharma IQ takes a closer look at global CMO market drivers and restraints and the evolution of the modern day CMO.
  • Analysing Trends In Global Pharmaceutical Contract ManufacturingAnalysing Trends In Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
    The truth in modern pharma is that you need to work effectively and efficiently with your CMO to build the strongest and best relationships to not only enhance your processes but save time, cut costs and produce quality. To do this effectively, you need to understand the trends shaping contract manufacturing.

    Pharma IQ have gathered the input of three of the industry’s key opinion leaders on the salient topics such as process excellence, emerging markets, regulatory compliance and more.

  • 5 Rules you must absolutely know in Contract Manufacturing5 Rules you must absolutely know in Contract Manufacturing
    Pharma IQ presents  the 5 rules you must know in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. The Ebook is compiled of tips form the industry leading experts. Read more about improving the strategic relationships with you CMO's. 

Download the Agenda

2015 Speakers

Hussein Al-Qasim
Export/ Serialisation
Genericon Pharma Gesellschaft mbH
Massimiliano Brescia
Account Director
Marcel De Grutter
Business Technology Manager Operation
Abbott Laboratories
Thilo Jaeckel
Head of Contract Manufacturing Europe
Faron Jordan
Head of Preclinical and Clinical Project Management
Critical Pharmaceuticals
Miriam McCloskey
Director External Manufacturing, EMEA
Lilly UK
Ulrich Ruemenapp
Head of Biotech Process
Bayer Healthcare Berlin
Claire Thompson
Director and Co-Founder
Ian Walker
Head Project Leadership
Acacia Pharma

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I like the mix of virtual big pharma, CMOs & even equipment vendors. It was valuable, we will attend next year. V.P. Operations & Business Excellence, Hollisterstier Labs

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